Map of Coventry selective licensing area

Did you know selective licensing could be commencing in Coventry 2020?

What is selective licensing?

Selective licensing is similar to other types of licensing E.G. taxi licence, and TV licence etc. If you own a property and rent it out to tenants you will require a licence to do so. Currently, it’s proposed that it will only be in effect in areas highlighted in the map above.

Why implement a selective licence?

The aim of the council is to improve the quality of housing in the highlighted areas. The council believe that when renting from a private landlord, you should be able to expect a safe, healthy and maintained standard of living. Enforcing a licensing scheme will force landlords to make necessary improvements they would otherwise over look.

Will it cost? – yes, the proposed fee for a new licence is £540 for the 1st year, and once the council are satisfied with compliance the cost will be £380 for 5 years.

Is the licence transferable? – If you sell a licensed house you must inform the council as the new owner will need to apply for a new licence. They are NOT transferable.

Will licensed properties be inspected? – Yes, your property will be inspected when you apply for your licence, after the licence is issued a compliance check will be made. This will be carried out by the property licence team.

The licence can be applied for by either the landlord or the managing agent. 1 year licences will be issued to new landlords and upon renewal, if meeting all of the criteria stated, a 5 years licence will be issued. If the criteria is not met the renewed licence will be for 1 year.

All parties involved in managing the property must be accredited with Coventry City Councils Landlords Accreditation Scheme (CLAS), they must have a compliant history with the council and they should follow the principles set out in the private rented sector code of practice. A managing agent with sole or joint management responsibility must also meet additional criteria, such as, 50% or more of the employees must be suitably qualified in residential property management, regular evidence of continuing professional development, and registered with a recognised professional association.

When’s it coming into force?

The council have currently submitted the application to the secretary of state to see if the requirements have been met for designating selective licensing scheme. This scheme can not come into force until it has been confirmed by the government. A period of time has been allocated to set up the necessary systems and recruit hence the commencement date of mid 2020. But it is looking as though it is highly likely it will be passed.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates – coming soon.