Our Ethos

We believe that the way the world views accommodation is changing and we want to help play a part in the revolution. We believe that people should be entitled to high standard of comfortable, clean and cosy accommodation.

We go above and beyond to ensure that our tenants have awesome accommodation to call their home whether that be in a shared house or while renting a entire property. We help them experience the diversity of the local area to its fullest.

Our team knows from experience that people want more from their rental accommodation and we believe it’s our duty as a company to provide it.

A word from one of our founders

Thank you for showing an interest in what we do, hopefully you get a sense of what it is we’re trying to achieve through Cosy Accommodation, we really do believe that we can help make a difference to peoples lives by simply giving them more from their accommodation.

As a company we understand the stress and strains of running a rental property, the ever changing regulations and legislation, what seemed to be a sound investment for your future eating more and more into your time. We believe that having a great management company as part of your team gives you back that all important time, and leaves you secure in the knowledge that your property and tenants are being looked after.

If you’re a prospective client and you’re considering joining us, you have my word, that you’re going to be joining something great.

Thank you – Jamie Cureton